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Psalm 40:2

...He set my feet on a Rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

   The R.O.C.K. Ministries began in the early 2000's. The ministry began when two football players came back from a Christian Athlete Camp and told their head coach that they wanted to start a bible study. From that study, the R.O.C.K. Ministries began. The original intention of the Ministry was to use sports to draw young people in and then tell them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the beginning of the ministry until now there have been many changes on how to present the Gospel Message. The ministry has expanded to not only reaching out to young people but people of all ages. The one constant truth that is never changing within the ministry is the Gospel Message. The Gospel gives all of us a vertical perspective. We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem us from all of our sins. We believe that He rose again, triumphing over death. We believe that Christ changes lives. It is our hope that God will use the R.O.C.K. Ministry to deliver His Word to as many people as possible.

If you would like to know what Ministry Opportunities the R.O.C.K. offers, how you can pray for us or become a financial partner, please check out those areas on the website.

The R.O.C.K. Ministry Mission Statement:

“The ROCK Ministries exists to share the saving message of Jesus Christ, to build relationships, and to help others grow in their faith.”  

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